Stiga Table Tennis Conversion Top: All 4 Models Contrasted

Stiga is one of the masters in the table tennis conversion top space. Below are all four of their models of which I am aware, in a brief chart review.

I hope you find this helpful.

Name of table tennis conversion top (below)Model #WidthColorComes w/ net and posts?Price on Amazon
Stiga Deuce

T8171/2"Dark greenNo$209
Stiga Duo

T8141/2"Dark greenNo$147
Stiga Table Tennis Conversion Top

T814N1/2"Dark greenYes$197
Stiga Fusion


From what I have seen on the Internet, Amazon often but not always has the lowest prices for the above reviewed items.

(In case you are unaware, a table tennis conversion top is a method of converting your pool table into a ping pong table.)

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