Table Tennis Conversion Top: What Is It?

A table tennis conversion top is an amazingly simple way to convert your pool table into a table tennis table. Ever get bored of playing pool day in, day out, and just yearn to bang some plastic balls back and forth with a good friend, but you just don’t have the space for a ping pong table in your basement? Well that’s where the table tennis conversion top comes in.

The table tennis conversion top is made up of two 4 1/2’ x 5’ table halves which sit on top of your pool table, which is cushioned from any damage by pads protecting it from the conversion top.

One thing worthy of consideration in the selection of a table tennis conversion top is its thickness. Basically, the thicker the better. This is because a conversion top which is thin, say only ½”, is more prone to warping (i.e. bending in at the center) than say a top which is ¾” wide. One remedy provided by many sellers of table tennis conversion tops is a support beam which runs under the middle of the conversion top. It should be flush against both the pool table top, or felt, and the bottom of the new table tennis conversion top.

You may also want to think about the sturdiness of your conversion top. A flat-out heavier top will stay put on your billiards table. Ask yourself how serious a player are you? Are you physical, jumping around? Will you use your new table tennis table frequently? But then, if the new conversion top is too heavy, you may be come too lazy to move it off when you want to go back to playing a good old game of pool. These are just a couple of the main considerations that you need to consider before buying a table tennis conversion top.

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