Table Tennis Conversion Top by Stiga

With a tennis table conversion top from Stiga you can’t go wrong. Stiga is a leading name in the world of table tennis; it clothes the Danish national team, and it has long-term deals with the Olympic champion Chinese team. But Stiga is also well-known for its household table tennis products.

I want to focus on the Stiga table tennis conversion top:

Stiga Duo Table Tennis Conversion Top

The Stiga Duo is one of the cheapest ping pong table conversion tops you can buy. It is ½” thick, painted dark green, does not come with nets or posts, and fits both 7’ and 8’ pool tables. A major asset is that it comes with a 30” center-mounted stiffener so that the ½” conversion top does not bend or warp, and so that you just generally have a flat and sturdier surface to play on. This pool table converter will probably cost around $120 to buy. A net and posts can be found for $25.

Stiga Fusion Table Tennis Conversion Top

The Stiga Fusion is similar in most ways to the Duo conversion top, but is a bit higher quality. The most obvious difference is that the Fusion has a black top versus the dark green of the Duo. But in terms of sturdiness, that is where the Fusion really stands out. Though it is also a ½” conversion top, it has a ¾” inch gloss black rail for support. This table tennis conversion top also has the center-mounted stiffener to keep the table top flat for ping pong play. Finally it has side strips and sponge-rubber strips to support the top surface and to protect your pool table. You can find this Stiga table tennis conversion top for $140 if not less, but you will have again have to buy a net and posts separately.

These are just 2 examples of cheap conversion tops for your pool table. There are many more which I plan to profile in the future. However, if you are looking to buy a table tennis conversion top and you are not a super-serious player, these Stigas could very well be sufficient for you.