Stiga Deuce Table Tennis Conversion Top

Stiga Deuce Table Tennis Conversion Top From Stiga
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Product Description

Table tennis has never seen anything quite like this. This conversion top is a full-function product that instantaneously converts your billiards into a ping pong table. It is light-weight and easily storable. You will instantly double the fun to be had in your rec room once you get one of these.
Table tennis conversion top does not come with net or posts, so you will have to buy those separately. Fits both 7 and 8 foot pool tables. Comes with steel frame and center-mounted steel stiffeners for sturdiness. Sponge rubber protects pool table; side strips for alignment. Smaller 1/2-inch wide table.

Product Details

Amazon Sales Rank: #2 in Billiard Table Tennis Conversion Tops
Brand: Stiga
Model: T817
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Dimensions: 125 lbs. shipping weight


Convert your pool table into a table tennis table in minutes
Fits both 7- and 8-foot pool tables
Sturdy, angular, steel frame and 30-inch center-mounted stiffeners keep 1/2-inch dark green top rigid
Side strips help align top properly and sponge rubber strips protect rails and hold top firmly in place
Net and net posts not included
Customer Reviews
When I purchased my pool table, the guy asked if I wanted to add a Ping Pong top and set up for a little extra money. With a couple of step-kids running around with their friends visiting all the time - I agreed. And I'm thrilled with the decision. If you own an 8 foot (or smaller) pool table you're in luck. Sorry to say that if you own a 9 foot table it won't really work for you.
What I Like:
I like not having to have two separate tables. It would take up much more room and the pool table is not moving anywhere once it's set up. It's just plain convenient and adds some optional play time to the pool table.
What I Don't Like:
Switching the Stiga Deuce back and forth, a small price to pay.
Don't forget you need room to swing your table tennis paddles back and forth or you will scuff up your wall.

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