Selecting a Table Tennis Conversion Top: 4 Most Important Questions

Buying a table tennis conversion top is not a hugely complicated process, but especially if you’re shopping on the Internet the multitude of products available to you can be a little intimidating. I’d like to help you narrow your selection down with this list of 4 questions to ask yourself. Once answered you will be able to browse for and buy your new table tennis conversion top with the confidence born of self-knowledge and clarity.

1. How big is your pool table?

Most pool tables are 7’ or 8’, and most table tennis conversion tops are compatible with this length, but this is one thing you must do: Measure your current pool table and write these numbers down. Before you buy a conversion top make sure it’s compatible.

2. How thick should your table tennis conversion top be?

Your choice in thickness for your new table tennis top will probably either be ½” (cheaper) or ¾” (more expensive). A ¾” table tennis conversion top will stay straight for a longer time than its ½” counterpart. On the downside, the ¾” will be heavier and, all things equal, more expensive. Just ask yourself if you’re a serious enough table tennis player to take on the bigger commitment of a ¾” ping pong table conversion top.

3. How much money do you want to spend on your new table tennis conversion top?

This is obviously a personal matter but I can tell you that you are looking at a price range of $120 on the low side all the way up to $450 for most conversion tops.

4. Is your table outdoor?

If your pool table is outdoor, then you’re probably going to have to pony up more money for an outdoor table tennis conversion top. These are more expensive because they are weatherproof. Do not assume all table tennis tops are the same; make sure you buy a weatherproof top.

Do not be intimidated by the multitude of products available to convert your pool table into a table tennis table. Answer these 4 questions and you will narrow down your selection in a smart way and you will be sure to make an intelligent purchase that you will enjoy for years to come. As I see it, these are the main questions you need to consider in selecting the right table tennis conversion top for you and your family.

5. Go compare models on Amazon's table tennis conversion top page and just buy one!

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