Review of DMI Sports PTCT1A 5/8-Inch Billiard Table Conversion Table Tennis Top

DMI's PTCT1A is a fine way to convert your pool table into a table tennis table. I do not own it but I have played on it several times at a friend’s house.

The 5/8 inch in the title refers to the thickness of the conversion top, which as I have stated in 4 Most Important Things About a Table Tennis Conversion Top is probably the single most significant factor in the quality of any ping pong table. So, this table tennis conversion top by Prince is a little (1/8 inch) thicker than the smaller tables – which is good, and which is one of the reasons why it’ll cost you a little more to purchase it.

The slogan that has apparently been rolled out to describe the PTCT1A is that “it’ll turn any 7 or 8 foot pool table into a fast action table tennis table.” That it will, but it will also make the conversion happen fast. Most people who buy a table tennis conversion top are not doing so because they’re done playing pool for good, but because they want to be able to put on and take off the ability to play table tennis quickly and easily.

A quick search of Internet prices on this table tennis conversion top yielded these results:

Amazon: $249.99 $249.99
Amazon Marketplace: $279.97 (I think that means it’s selling for more used than new!?)

If you own or have played on this table tennis conversion top, please leave a comment with your own review, long or short.

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