Killerspin Paragon Table Tennis Conversion Top

The lowest price I have found online for Killerspin’s Paragon Table Tennis Conversion Top is $399. So if you’re shopping around for one of these, then you will just have to find the lowest-cost shippers selling at or near $399. (This is one of the more expensive conversion tops I have reviewed so far, analogous to the price of the outdoor/weatherproof tops.)Killerspin Paragon Table Tennis Conversion Top

According to Killerspin’s website, the Paragon is the “premier” conversion top on the market. Since I have not played on the Paragon, we’ll go see what other reviewers on the web have said in order to gauge whether this is a table tennis conversion top worthy of forking over $400 + shipping.

Well, forget that. I just checked about 10 big ping pong retailer sites and none of them have any reviews of the Killerspin Paragon. It was only released in 2007 and is on the upper-echelon of conversion tops.

Anyway, what I can garner is that Killerspin is a high-end table tennis table maker. Their Revolution table goes for over $2,000 and looks like it belongs on a spaceship.

(For help in buying any table tennis conversion top, and determining what is the best conversion top for you, see my previous post on how to buy a table tennis conversion top.

Table Tennis Conversion Top Specs: Killerspin Paragon

The table tennis conversion top comes in two halves which are 15mm (0.6”) wide. This is a little wider, thus sturdier, than most conversion tops.

The underside of the conversion top comes with ¼” foam covering it, so you won’t scuff up your pool table (which probably cost a lot more than $399.)

One positive here, which I have not seen in any of my previous reviews of table tennis conversion tops, is that the Killerspin Paragon Table Tennis Conversion Top comes with a free clip-on Killerspin Aurora net, two Killerspin table tennis paddles, and 6 ping-pong balls. (No one else throws anything extra in with their conversion tops.)

Finally, this Killerspin table tennis conversion top is dark-blue (not sure if that’s obvious in the picture) and it will fit on top of both seven and eight foot pool tables.

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