Stiga Table Tennis Conversion Top: All 4 Models Contrasted

Stiga is one of the masters in the table tennis conversion top space. Below are all four of their models of which I am aware, in a brief chart review.

I hope you find this helpful.

Name of table tennis conversion top (below)Model #WidthColorComes w/ net and posts?Price on Amazon
Stiga Deuce

T8171/2"Dark greenNo$209
Stiga Duo

T8141/2"Dark greenNo$147
Stiga Table Tennis Conversion Top

T814N1/2"Dark greenYes$197
Stiga Fusion


From what I have seen on the Internet, Amazon often but not always has the lowest prices for the above reviewed items.

(In case you are unaware, a table tennis conversion top is a method of converting your pool table into a ping pong table.)

Killerspin Paragon Table Tennis Conversion Top

The lowest price I have found online for Killerspin’s Paragon Table Tennis Conversion Top is $399. So if you’re shopping around for one of these, then you will just have to find the lowest-cost shippers selling at or near $399. (This is one of the more expensive conversion tops I have reviewed so far, analogous to the price of the outdoor/weatherproof tops.)Killerspin Paragon Table Tennis Conversion Top

According to Killerspin’s website, the Paragon is the “premier” conversion top on the market. Since I have not played on the Paragon, we’ll go see what other reviewers on the web have said in order to gauge whether this is a table tennis conversion top worthy of forking over $400 + shipping.

Well, forget that. I just checked about 10 big ping pong retailer sites and none of them have any reviews of the Killerspin Paragon. It was only released in 2007 and is on the upper-echelon of conversion tops.

Anyway, what I can garner is that Killerspin is a high-end table tennis table maker. Their Revolution table goes for over $2,000 and looks like it belongs on a spaceship.

(For help in buying any table tennis conversion top, and determining what is the best conversion top for you, see my previous post on how to buy a table tennis conversion top.

Table Tennis Conversion Top Specs: Killerspin Paragon

The table tennis conversion top comes in two halves which are 15mm (0.6”) wide. This is a little wider, thus sturdier, than most conversion tops.

The underside of the conversion top comes with ¼” foam covering it, so you won’t scuff up your pool table (which probably cost a lot more than $399.)

One positive here, which I have not seen in any of my previous reviews of table tennis conversion tops, is that the Killerspin Paragon Table Tennis Conversion Top comes with a free clip-on Killerspin Aurora net, two Killerspin table tennis paddles, and 6 ping-pong balls. (No one else throws anything extra in with their conversion tops.)

Finally, this Killerspin table tennis conversion top is dark-blue (not sure if that’s obvious in the picture) and it will fit on top of both seven and eight foot pool tables.

Stiga Deuce Table Tennis Conversion Top

Stiga Deuce Table Tennis Conversion Top From Stiga
Price: $177.49 + $49.99 shipping within the continental U.S.

Availability: Usually ships within 3 to 5 days. Ships from and sold by Amazon
5 new available from $151.20

Product Description

Table tennis has never seen anything quite like this. This conversion top is a full-function product that instantaneously converts your billiards into a ping pong table. It is light-weight and easily storable. You will instantly double the fun to be had in your rec room once you get one of these.
Table tennis conversion top does not come with net or posts, so you will have to buy those separately. Fits both 7 and 8 foot pool tables. Comes with steel frame and center-mounted steel stiffeners for sturdiness. Sponge rubber protects pool table; side strips for alignment. Smaller 1/2-inch wide table.

Product Details

Amazon Sales Rank: #2 in Billiard Table Tennis Conversion Tops
Brand: Stiga
Model: T817
Released on:
Dimensions: 125 lbs. shipping weight


Convert your pool table into a table tennis table in minutes
Fits both 7- and 8-foot pool tables
Sturdy, angular, steel frame and 30-inch center-mounted stiffeners keep 1/2-inch dark green top rigid
Side strips help align top properly and sponge rubber strips protect rails and hold top firmly in place
Net and net posts not included
Customer Reviews
When I purchased my pool table, the guy asked if I wanted to add a Ping Pong top and set up for a little extra money. With a couple of step-kids running around with their friends visiting all the time - I agreed. And I'm thrilled with the decision. If you own an 8 foot (or smaller) pool table you're in luck. Sorry to say that if you own a 9 foot table it won't really work for you.
What I Like:
I like not having to have two separate tables. It would take up much more room and the pool table is not moving anywhere once it's set up. It's just plain convenient and adds some optional play time to the pool table.
What I Don't Like:
Switching the Stiga Deuce back and forth, a small price to pay.
Don't forget you need room to swing your table tennis paddles back and forth or you will scuff up your wall.

Read my other Stiga reviews.

Review of DMI Sports PTCT1A 5/8-Inch Billiard Table Conversion Table Tennis Top

DMI's PTCT1A is a fine way to convert your pool table into a table tennis table. I do not own it but I have played on it several times at a friend’s house.

The 5/8 inch in the title refers to the thickness of the conversion top, which as I have stated in 4 Most Important Things About a Table Tennis Conversion Top is probably the single most significant factor in the quality of any ping pong table. So, this table tennis conversion top by Prince is a little (1/8 inch) thicker than the smaller tables – which is good, and which is one of the reasons why it’ll cost you a little more to purchase it.

The slogan that has apparently been rolled out to describe the PTCT1A is that “it’ll turn any 7 or 8 foot pool table into a fast action table tennis table.” That it will, but it will also make the conversion happen fast. Most people who buy a table tennis conversion top are not doing so because they’re done playing pool for good, but because they want to be able to put on and take off the ability to play table tennis quickly and easily.

A quick search of Internet prices on this table tennis conversion top yielded these results:

Amazon: $249.99 $249.99
Amazon Marketplace: $279.97 (I think that means it’s selling for more used than new!?)

If you own or have played on this table tennis conversion top, please leave a comment with your own review, long or short.

Selecting a Table Tennis Conversion Top: 4 Most Important Questions

Buying a table tennis conversion top is not a hugely complicated process, but especially if you’re shopping on the Internet the multitude of products available to you can be a little intimidating. I’d like to help you narrow your selection down with this list of 4 questions to ask yourself. Once answered you will be able to browse for and buy your new table tennis conversion top with the confidence born of self-knowledge and clarity.

1. How big is your pool table?

Most pool tables are 7’ or 8’, and most table tennis conversion tops are compatible with this length, but this is one thing you must do: Measure your current pool table and write these numbers down. Before you buy a conversion top make sure it’s compatible.

2. How thick should your table tennis conversion top be?

Your choice in thickness for your new table tennis top will probably either be ½” (cheaper) or ¾” (more expensive). A ¾” table tennis conversion top will stay straight for a longer time than its ½” counterpart. On the downside, the ¾” will be heavier and, all things equal, more expensive. Just ask yourself if you’re a serious enough table tennis player to take on the bigger commitment of a ¾” ping pong table conversion top.

3. How much money do you want to spend on your new table tennis conversion top?

This is obviously a personal matter but I can tell you that you are looking at a price range of $120 on the low side all the way up to $450 for most conversion tops.

4. Is your table outdoor?

If your pool table is outdoor, then you’re probably going to have to pony up more money for an outdoor table tennis conversion top. These are more expensive because they are weatherproof. Do not assume all table tennis tops are the same; make sure you buy a weatherproof top.

Do not be intimidated by the multitude of products available to convert your pool table into a table tennis table. Answer these 4 questions and you will narrow down your selection in a smart way and you will be sure to make an intelligent purchase that you will enjoy for years to come. As I see it, these are the main questions you need to consider in selecting the right table tennis conversion top for you and your family.

5. Go compare models on Amazon's table tennis conversion top page and just buy one!

Thank you for visiting The Table Tennis Conversion Top Review.

I hope I have been helpful :-)

Table Tennis Conversion Top by Stiga

With a tennis table conversion top from Stiga you can’t go wrong. Stiga is a leading name in the world of table tennis; it clothes the Danish national team, and it has long-term deals with the Olympic champion Chinese team. But Stiga is also well-known for its household table tennis products.

I want to focus on the Stiga table tennis conversion top:

Stiga Duo Table Tennis Conversion Top

The Stiga Duo is one of the cheapest ping pong table conversion tops you can buy. It is ½” thick, painted dark green, does not come with nets or posts, and fits both 7’ and 8’ pool tables. A major asset is that it comes with a 30” center-mounted stiffener so that the ½” conversion top does not bend or warp, and so that you just generally have a flat and sturdier surface to play on. This pool table converter will probably cost around $120 to buy. A net and posts can be found for $25.

Stiga Fusion Table Tennis Conversion Top

The Stiga Fusion is similar in most ways to the Duo conversion top, but is a bit higher quality. The most obvious difference is that the Fusion has a black top versus the dark green of the Duo. But in terms of sturdiness, that is where the Fusion really stands out. Though it is also a ½” conversion top, it has a ¾” inch gloss black rail for support. This table tennis conversion top also has the center-mounted stiffener to keep the table top flat for ping pong play. Finally it has side strips and sponge-rubber strips to support the top surface and to protect your pool table. You can find this Stiga table tennis conversion top for $140 if not less, but you will have again have to buy a net and posts separately.

These are just 2 examples of cheap conversion tops for your pool table. There are many more which I plan to profile in the future. However, if you are looking to buy a table tennis conversion top and you are not a super-serious player, these Stigas could very well be sufficient for you.

Table Tennis Conversion Top: What Is It?

A table tennis conversion top is an amazingly simple way to convert your pool table into a table tennis table. Ever get bored of playing pool day in, day out, and just yearn to bang some plastic balls back and forth with a good friend, but you just don’t have the space for a ping pong table in your basement? Well that’s where the table tennis conversion top comes in.

The table tennis conversion top is made up of two 4 1/2’ x 5’ table halves which sit on top of your pool table, which is cushioned from any damage by pads protecting it from the conversion top.

One thing worthy of consideration in the selection of a table tennis conversion top is its thickness. Basically, the thicker the better. This is because a conversion top which is thin, say only ½”, is more prone to warping (i.e. bending in at the center) than say a top which is ¾” wide. One remedy provided by many sellers of table tennis conversion tops is a support beam which runs under the middle of the conversion top. It should be flush against both the pool table top, or felt, and the bottom of the new table tennis conversion top.

You may also want to think about the sturdiness of your conversion top. A flat-out heavier top will stay put on your billiards table. Ask yourself how serious a player are you? Are you physical, jumping around? Will you use your new table tennis table frequently? But then, if the new conversion top is too heavy, you may be come too lazy to move it off when you want to go back to playing a good old game of pool. These are just a couple of the main considerations that you need to consider before buying a table tennis conversion top.

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