Table Tennis Conversion Tops: A Basic Overview

A table tennis conversion top enables one to successfully convert their pool table into a ping pong set. They typically cost anywhere from $125 or so up until $400 or $500 for a high-quality weatherproof top.

As every homeowner knows, space does not exactly grow on trees! For example, one may be able to either fit billiards or a table tennis set but not both -- say, into their basement or game room. That is exactly the sort of situation for which manufacturers have developed table tennis conversion tops. Instead of having to only choose one type of game for you or your kids, now you can “have your cake and eat it, too.”

Some companies that I recommend checking out are Kettler, Butterfly, Megaspin, and Prince – but really there are more. You may find the conversion top you want in an old garage sale – who knows? Just keep your eyes open or build your own. But really it's best to buy a professionally crafted table tennis conversion top because they are excellent. They are going to cost more and last longer. Best of all, these table tops will make for the best ping pong games in terms of bounce, consistency, and control.

The bottom line is that if you have a pool table but you also want to be able to play ping pong, you don't have to buy an entire table tennis table. Just purchase the conversion top and affix it on top of the billiards table. This type of ready-made product doesn't even need to be so expensive – and it will pay off in hundreds of hours of fun over the years.